Torne os Dados Disponíveis (Abertura Técnica)

Open data needs to be ‘technically’ open as well as legally open. Specifically the data needs be:

  1. Available – at no more than a reasonable cost of reproduction, preferably for free download on the Internet. Summary: publish your information on the Internet wherever possible.
  2. In bulk. The data should be available as a whole (a web API or service may also be very useful but is not a substitute for bulk access)
  3. In an open, machine-readable format. Machine-readability is important because it facilitates reuse, for example, tables of figures in a PDF can be read easily by humans but are very hard for a computer to use which greatly limits the ability to reuse that data.

The key point to keep in mind here is: keep it simple, move fast and be pragmatic. In particular it is better to give out raw data now than perfect data in six months time.

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Fonte: Make Data Available (Technical Openness)

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