Escolha os Datasets

Choosing the dataset(s) you plan to make open is the first step to take — though remember the whole ‘opening up data’ process is iterative and you can return to this step if you encounter problems at later points in the process.

If you already know exactly what dataset(s) you plan to open up you can skip straight on to the next section. However, in many cases, especially for large institutions, choosing what datasets to focus on is a challenge. How should one proceed in this case? We recommend:

Ask the ‘community’ (i.e. actual or potential users of the data) what they want.

But how do you do go about doing this? There are several ways to get input from the community as to what data they would like to see. Here’s one standard process:

  1. Put up a web-page with details of this request for data suggestions and a simple way to submit data requests (e.g. via email or a simple webform). Some tips:
    1. Avoid requiring registration where possible.
    2. If you are concerned that the ‘community’ won’t know anything about the datasets you hold then prepare a short (5-20 item) list of datasets as a prompt.
    3. Creating this list should be a quick process that identifies ‘at a first-glance’ what datasets could be made open (there will be time at later stages to check in detail whether the dataset is suitable). There is no requirement to create a comprehensive list of your datasets. The main point to bear in mind is whether it is feasible to publish this data at all (whether openly or otherwise) – example see the ‘What Data’ section above.
  2. Circulate the request to relevant mailing lists, forums and individuals pointing back to the main webpage.
  3. [Optional] Run a consultation event — but make sure you run it at a convenient time where the average business person and ‘data hacker’ can attend.

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