Como usar um Determinado Formato

When Authority must exhibit new data – that data has not been exhibited before – you should choose the format that provides the best balance between cost and suitability for purpose. For each format there are some things you should be aware of, and this section aims to affect them.

This section focuses only on how the cut surfaces are best arranged so that machines can access them directly. Advice and guidance about how web sites and web solutions should be designed, you can find elsewhere.

Web services

For data that change frequently, and where each pull is limited in size, it is very relevant to expose data through web services. There are several ways to create a web service, but some of the most used is SOAP and REST. Generally, SOAP over REST, REST services, but are very easy to develop and use, so it is a widely used standard.


Like Web services provide direct database access to access data dynamically. Databases have the advantage that they can allow users to put together just the extraction, they are interested in.

There are some security concerns by allowing remote database extraction and database access is only useful if the structure of the database and the importance of individual tables and fields are well documented. Often, relatively simply and inexpensively create Web services that exposes data from a database, which can be an easy way to address safety concerns.

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